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MMW 35: How To Plan Your Wedding With Your Parents And In-Laws Involved



On today’s podcast, Yvette walks us through a topic that can become a concern during the wedding planning process - parents and in-laws. Now, we know your wedding day is all about you and your partner and what you want for your special day together. However, we cannot forget what an important day this is for your parents and in-laws, and well, they will probably want to be involved in some way if not financially. 

The parent and in-law relationship dynamic is different for everyone but it is important to be aware that the lead up to your wedding day is not the time to get offside with the important people in you and your partner’s life. If you feel a dreaded Bridezilla moment coming on, don’t worry, Yvette has you covered with cool, calm, and collected tips you can implement today to ensure you show up on your wedding day with your number one daughter badge still intact.

Yvette explores:

  • Practical examples of how to incorporate your parents and in-laws into your wedding planning.
  • How to identify jobs on your to-do list that will keep parents and in-laws feeling included and an integral part of planning your wedding.
  • Why it is important to enlist your parents and in-laws to build excitement and anticipation in the lead up to the big day.
  • How delegating jobs you don’t want to do can free up your time to focus on elements of your wedding day that matter most.
  • Polite ways to avoid disagreements and hurt feelings and how to navigate tricky conversations.

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