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3 Tips On How To Handle Your In-Laws

Unless your partner's mum is your new BFF there is a good chance you are going to butt heads with your new in-laws throughout the wedding planning process. Just like your own parents, your in-laws deserve your patience and respect, they did raise the man of your dreams. To avoid disagreements or being begrudged before you are formally family, follow our simple steps to navigating your relationship with your in-laws in the lead-up to your wedding day.

1. Give In-Laws Tasks

Understand that your in-laws and even your own parents want to feel included in the lead up to your big day. Try giving them jobs to do to help them feel involved. Be selective with your task allocation and don't give them tasks that are important to you to steer clear of any big disagreements.

2. Ask For In-Laws Opinions

Asking for your in-law's opinion is a good way to win hearts. If you’re asking someone for an opinion, it means you value what they think and this is excellent for your in-law/ daughter-in-law relationship. Try inviting them to your menu tasting for their opinion or ask your partner to take his mum along with him to his suit fitting. Another great idea is to give your in-laws the task of allocating guests from their side of the family to the table seating arrangements. This will ensure your in-laws are happy with where their guests are sitting and you can focus on your friend's tables. See our advice on handling your guest list here.

3. Fake it Until You Make It.

Sometimes taking the high road means swallowing your pride, listening to your in-law's suggestions while in your head screaming “NO!” We suggest bitting your tongue, nodding your head and smiling. They don't need to know what you are thinking. It is wise to be the better person and not give in to the drama if they are trying to create it. This will give them nothing to complain about and avoid any Bridezilla moments.

Enjoy making your in-laws (and your own parents) happy with these helpful tips.

Do you have any tricks you used to make your wedding day stress free? Let us know in the comments.

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