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MMW 23: Involving Your Partner in the Planning




On today’s podcast, Yvette will go through the details that will really help you involve your partner in the wedding planning. Yvette understands that there is plenty to do when wedding planning, but she also knows that having your partner’s help in the planning process can help take some stress away from you but also build your relationship stronger.

Yvette discusses:

  • Why it is likely you are doing all the planning
  • How your partner is feeling and why you need to communicate with them
  • Why you do need your partner’s help
  • How to feel less stressed when planning
  • How to get what you want but ensure your partner thinks they also got what they wanted. This is a win win for everyone
  • Which tasks your partner will actually enjoy doing and be great at
  • How to ensure the wedding planning doesn’t break you both

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