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Family Constantly Putting In Their 2 Cents? MMW 143



I can't get over how many couples are having issues with their family putting their 2 cents worth in. 

Family and sometimes friends seem to want to tell us what to do or what we are doing wrong when planning 'OUR WEDDING' day.

The most common thing I am hearing at the moment (actually daily) is that everyone wants to tell the couple who to invite and who needs to be added to the guest list. It blows my mind that people think they should have a say in this. It's not their day.

So, I want to help you navigate this issue. 

In this episode I discuss:
- Why family are putting pressure on you
- How to be clear with your partner on how to handle objections
- Knowing exactly what you will say when opinions are pushed on you
- How to find the easiest solution to keep everyone happy

At the end of the day, everyone will have an opinion on your wedding day. But, it's how you and your partner handle it together that will make or break your wedding day.


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