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What Made Our Wedding Truly Epic, Even 10 Years Later




Hey there, lovely listeners! It's been 10 years since I tied the knot, and I thought it was high time to revisit the spot where it all began. I'm Yvette Sitters, your host, and in this episode, I'm spilling the beans on why our wedding was such a hit—and how you can make yours just as memorable.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Revisiting the Venue:

    • Explore the sentimental journey as Yvette and her husband return to their wedding venue.
    • Discover the magical moments and nostalgic feelings as they walk through the ceremony and reception areas.
  2. Weather Backup Plans:

    • Gain insights into the importance of considering hot weather backup plans for summer weddings.
    • Learn from Yvette's experience with shade options and the impact on the comfort of wedding guests.
  3. Memorable Photography Choices:

    • Laugh along with Yvette's reminiscence of choosing unconventional photo locations.
    • Reflect on the significance of capturing authentic moments versus chasing trends.
  4. The Value of Videography:

    • Delve into the discussion on the evolution of wedding videography.
    • Explore the emotional impact and memories preserved through video content.
  5. Extended Celebrations:

    • Understand the decision behind extending the wedding reception time.
    • Hear why prioritising guest enjoyment led to lasting memories for everyone.
  6. Venue Logistics:

    • Uncover the benefits of hosting both the ceremony and reception in one venue, especially for traveling guests.
    • Learn how thoughtful logistics can enhance the overall guest experience.
  7. Staying True to Your Vision:

    • Embrace the importance of making decisions based on personal preferences rather than external pressures.
    • How staying true to their vision made Yvette's wedding an unforgettable experience.

As Yvette reflects on her 10th wedding anniversary, she encourages couples to prioritise their unique vision for a truly memorable wedding day. For more wedding planning insights and tips, check out the Manage My Wedding podcast.

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