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When Is The Best Season To Get Married MMW 161



I don't know which Season to get married in.

You have 4 very different seasons to pick from when selecting your wedding date. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Or for some of you listeners it is Fall instead of Autumn.

Each of these seasons has it’s pros and cons which are:

Summer Pros - Beautiful warm sunny days and less chance of rain. Floral availability, longer days, especially those with day light savings. Can stay outside at night.

Summer Cons - Random Summer storms, extreme heat and harsh lighting.

Autumn Pros - Leaves falling, temperate is dropping, perfect for deeper and darker colour schemes to start to be introduced and the weather is so much more predictable so easier to plan.

Autumn Cons - There actually aren’t too many. Skin can start to dry and it’s usually a time you really need to book well in advance as it’s quite popular. Temperature can drop quickly at night towards the end of Autumn (Fall) so you need an indoor venue around that time.

Winter Pros - Nothing more dreamy than a snow wedding, absolutely stunning. You can really amplify food and make that a huge focus in Winter. Food is all people dream of in winter. Think Fireplaces and hot chocolate. Often cheaper.

Winter Cons - Snow venues can be very expensive and book out early. It is too cold for outside so you need indoor venues only. You really need a warm winter wedding dress so no strappy dresses this time of year if that’s your style. 

Spring Pros - Such a stunning time to get married. So picturesque with all the flowers making it such a romantic time to get married. You can really show the pop of colour this time of year. Great for vibrant personalities. Very easy time to dress and you can really have any style of gowns this time of year. Perfect time for photographs as the days aren’t as harsh as Summer and the dreamy clouds and florals are perfect. 

Spring Cons - Could rain and could be sunny. Very unknown this time of year and unpredictable so safer to go inside. Can be an expensive time as very popular so book early so you can get your preferred vendors and have a good budget. 

So really, there are pros and cons to both but really some of those cons might be pros to some of you when you really love a certain Season. 

For some of you, you might like 3 of the 4 Seasons so you are flexible with your dates and times. 

Personally I love a Summer wedding but that’s because I’ve grown up in an extremely hot humid Region so I love the heat and harsh sun. I love all things beach, ice cream and icy cocktails. Other’s do not.

Winter weddings can also be stunning for fur jackets, snow in photographs, rugs, mulled wine and delicious tasty Winter foods and although I wouldn't get married in Winter I absolutely love a Winter Wedding and it’s one of my favourite Seasons to attend a wedding.

Autumn and Spring are both incredible seasons because they aren’t too hot or too cold so guests can be comfortable and it can be easier to dress.

So, you are now thinking - When is it best for me to get married? Which Season?

Decide what you and your partner love? Do you love dark colours, bright colours of pastels. Do you love the heat, the cold, the flowers, the dry leaves? Pick a Season or 2 for your personality and see what dates your venues have available.

I got married Summer but I honestly would have happily married at the end of Spring or even the Start of Autumn (Fall) because it is still warm and that’s what James and I love. We are sun loving beach babes. We snowboard but that’s just a quick holiday for us. Not a wedding.

So pick what feels right for you both. Summer, Autumn, Winter of Spring? They are all beautiful but you will naturally lean towards 1 or 2 after listening to this episode.


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