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Don't Make This Mistake When Wedding Planning



There are 3 big mistakes couples make when wedding planning. Today I want to share with you what one of those big mistakes is.

This mistake is that I see couples working on the wrong tasks. You don't know what you don't know. Right!

You have never wedding planned before so how are you to know what you might be wasting your time on and what should be a priority.

You get engaged, then you go down the Pinterest rabbit hole. Then you spend hours trying to create the Pinterest wedding. But, you wake up the next day to only realise that guests don't care about what the wedding looked like.

This episode is truly one of my favourites because I am sharing what really the most important tasks are that you should be working on. These tasks will ensure you and your guests wake up the next day talking about how incredible your big day was.

Make sure you listen so you can get cracking on the right tasks and stop wasting hours of your time on the wrong tasks.

Want to make sure you are working on the right tasks and not wasting your precious hours or money?

Here are two ways I can help:

1. Join the Calm Bride Planner today so I can give you my signature roadmap to Planning Your Have-It-All Dream Wedding. You can take a look at all the juicy details here -

2. Come and chat with me on Insta, I love talking all things weddings and can't wait to hear about yours. You can find me at

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