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MMW 41: This Is How You Negotiate With Suppliers



In today’s episode, Yvette chats about negotiating with your wedding suppliers. Is it ok to negotiate with suppliers and how do you go about asking for a cheeky discount? Grab a tea and listen in as Yvette lets you in on her tips on how to effectively and respectfully go about asking suppliers to work within your budget. If you think the wedding supplier list of your dreams is not possible because of your restricted budget, then you are going to love this episode. 

Yvette discusses:

  • Whether or not it is appropriate to negotiate with your potential wedding suppliers.
  • How to go about negotiating with your dream wedding suppliers with respect and integrity.
  • Steps to effectively and successfully communicating with potential wedding suppliers.
  • How to use payment terms and up-front discounts to your advantage.
  • Why it is essential to read over the contract you have with every wedding supplier.

Today’s episode is brought to you by the Manage My Wedding App. The Manage My Wedding App was created to take the stress out of planning a wedding while helping bridal couples stay organised and on budget. Many wedding budgets are blown early, and it can be very stressful if you don’t have the money to pay your suppliers in the last couple of weeks before your wedding. The budget section within the App tracks payments to each supplier and lets you know if you are staying within budget. You can even create a wish list separate to your budget so that if there's money left over, you can move a wish list item into your essential elements. You can download the App via our website If you don’t have an ios device, then please keep on listening to the podcast as I am excited to say that something is coming very soon that will help you plan your wedding. Following us on Instagram @managemywedding and you will be sure to hear more soon.

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