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MMW 29: The Queen of Organisation - Hollie from MayDay VA Shares Her Wedding Journey


On today’s podcast, Yvette welcomes her vivacious, vintage-loving friend, Hollie from Mayday VA. Also known as the Queen of Organisation, Hollie is making her mark in the world as a coach, podcaster, and speaker for Female Creative Entrepreneurs, and is helping men and women from all over the world to plan better and get more organised.

With two weddings under her belt, Hollie has a wealth of knowledge that can only come from real-life experience. Listen in as Yvette and Hollie share their own experiences gained from planning their weddings and how they tackled the inevitable bumps in the road that appear along a wedding planning journey.

Jam-packed with off-the-cuff tips and tricks for ensuring your wedding day goes as planned, this episode is sure to leave you inspired and informed. 

Yvette and Hollie discuss:

  • The planning details of Hollie’s two weddings and her valuable insight gained from both of these experiences.
  • How to handle dramas such as family politics, guest lists, and seating arrangements with grace and flair.
  • Find out Yvette and Hollie’s number one tip for ensuring your wedding day is harmonious and memorable for all the right reasons.
  • Discover what Hollie regrets about her second wedding to her husband Alex.
  • Find out what the Queen of Organisation deems as her number one wedding planning tip and how you can incorporate this advice into your planning. 

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