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MMW 45: The Matrimonial Mindset



In today’s episode, Yvette chats about how to cultivate a positive mindset while planning your wedding during COVID19. Yvette created this special episode after hearing from countless couples having difficulties letting go of their dreams of the pre-COVID19 wedding including big traditional weddings, destination weddings, and even just weddings with all of your family and friends present.

Yvette strongly believes in the power of the mind, and she understands that the thoughts we have, and the stories that we tell ourselves usually generate an outcome. With this in mind, she has some practical and useful tools that you can utilise today to change how you feel about planning your wedding during a global pandemic to ensure your wedding day is memorable for all the right reasons.

Yvette discusses:

  • How thinking about your partner and the feelings you have for them can help centre you in your wedding planning and remind you why you are getting married and have chosen your partner.
  • How sitting with your partner and working out what is most important for your wedding day can help you as a couple to prioritise what will make your wedding day meaningful in the current climate.
  • How to embrace the elements of the COVID wedding and work with these factors to make your wedding day the best day of your life.

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