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Overcome Wedding Planning Overwhelm | Advice From Wedding And Event Creators MMW 94

Ace your wedding planning like a professional

Has the wedding planning overwhelm hit yet? Are you struggling to tick off tasks on your to-do-list? In my decades of wedding and event planning I’ve watched on as countless couples have become consumed by the all-encompassing overwhelm experienced by planning their dream day.

You see, for most of us our big day is the first time we have organised a wedding yet we are somehow expected to instantly become experienced event planners and know exactly what it takes to successfully plan out the details of a perfect day.

I know its impossible for bridal couples to become wedding experts overnight which is why I’ve invited Vanessa from Wedding and Event Creators to share her wisdom on how to overcome the all too familiar struggles encountered while wedding planning. You’ll love listening in as Vanessa shares her simple strategies you can implement today to help you stay on track and also be inspired as she shares secrets from some of her favourite show stopping weddings to date.

Tune in to learn:

  • exactly what a planner does and how having a planner can help you role out the wedding of your dreams.
  • the common hurdles couples face when planning their wedding day.
  • Vanessa’s number one tip for where to start with your planning today.
  • how to decipher what your three wedding day non-negotiables are.
  • why you need to confirm your COVID back up plan today.

What is the biggest struggle you have faced so far while planning your wedding. Message me on Instagram as I would love to hear from you.

Visit the Wedding and Event Creators website and also their Instagram and Facebook.

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