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The stress of wedding planning | Real feedback from real couples MMW 85

You’re not alone if the stress of wedding planning is crushing your mojo. 

Couples are typing “how to avoid wedding stress” into Google faster than they can say “Gin and Tonic, minus the Tonic”. 

I recently chose a random group of newlyweds and asked if they would complete a survey about the stuff they lost sleep over when they were planning. 

Four topics appeared consistently (I knew they would). Today I’m going to help you navigate the murky waters of these four wedding planning energy sappers, so you have the best day of your life. 

Drumroll please for the top four headache causing wedding issues. Are you experiencing any?

  • Family interfering in the planning

  • The guest list and trying not to offend friends and family

  • Getting people to the venue if the wedding is a distance from home

  • Sticking to the wedding budget

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