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Wedding Checklists | photography, what to pack for your honeymoon & what to delegate for your wedding
Wedding Checklists | photography, what to pack for your honeymoon & what to delegate for your wedding

Wedding Checklists | what to pack, delegate and photography

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What have I forgotten? With so much to organise, it’s easy to overlook details if you’re not working to a plan. I’ve created checklists covering the common things couples forget. These Wedding Checklists on Photography, What to Pack and Delegate mean you’ll get the photos with friends and family you want, your overnight and honeymoon bags will be just right and all the help you need on the day will be planned in advance. Relax, you’re going to have so much fun.


  • A photography checklist. Imagine getting your wedding photos back and realising you didn’t get a photo with your closest friend or Great Aunty Betty? How devastating. This checklist will ensure you avoid photography regret because you’re going to check off your “must have” photos with friends and family on your wedding day. You can capture the memories you want and have plenty of time to celebrate with your precious guests. You won’t need to worry about it on the day because it’s already done.
  • A delegation checklist. It’s so important to have help on the day or you and your partner will be the ones running around doing it. You’re surrounded by lovely people willing to help, so let them. This checklist will help you give little tasks to people you trust to help with the things we all forget about in the excitement. Things like collecting the toasting glasses, taking care of gifts, being the transport contact and making wedding day payments. The list is long. Delegate to people you trust then relax knowing it’s all under control and enjoy your wedding day.  
  • What to pack the night before and the night of your wedding. The list of everything you need to pack for the night before your wedding and your wedding night including all the bits and pieces you may need when getting ready. There’s nothing worse than forgetting the little something to get you out of a pickle. Possibly the most important bag you’ll ever pack, so let’s get it right so you can have some fun.
  • Honeymoon and home checklist. Get organised for your honeymoon before your wedding. Most couples leave it to the last minute, throwing clothes in suitcases, forgetting passports, leaving the house in chaos. This checklist gives you everything you need to pack (and leave at home) as well as a detailed list of things to organise for your house while you’re gone. Slide into your honeymoon with smiling faces and come home to a clean house (and pot plants that are still alive).
  • Each checklist contains links to the Manage My Wedding podcast relevant to the checklist topic. More help and support to make your wedding planning stress free and enjoyable.  


  • Australian owned and made
  • Paint by numbers editable PDF wedding photographer checklist
  • Step by step editable wedding delegating checklist 
  • Comprehensive editable wedding packing checklist 
  • Detailed editable honeymoon packing and things to arrange before you go on your honeymoon


I have an IOS device. Should I download the app or buy the checklists?

The checklists break down the relevant tasks contained in the Manage My Wedding app so they provide more detail and give you exact instructions on what you need to do for each task. I would definitely download the app because it is the most detailed wedding planning app on the market. The checklist detail is for couples who want more detail on these specific tasks within the app. 

I’ve purchased the Wedding Checklists but the bundle hasn’t arrived?

Don’t forget to check your spam folder. Sometimes the email bounces into the junk mail. 

Do you want to make sure you don’t forget anything in the final days leading up to your wedding and honeymoon? These checklists mean you can tick the box and move onto the next thing, breathe out knowing it’s all done. All the support you need is right here. You deserve to feel organised and excited about your wedding. BUY NOW!