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Money Matters | Who Pays For Your Big Day MMW 98

The first step to planning your wedding budget.

Money makes the world go round or in the case of wedding planning, makes your dream wedding a reality. Weddings can be expensive and even if your planning a budget or micro wedding, you are still going to need a chunk of cash to pay for everything you need to make your day happen. When it comes to working out exactly how you will pay for your wedding day it makes sense to get your parents involved in the conversation and while the traditional view of the bride’s parent’s pay for all has long expired, it can’t hurt to have a chat with your folks to see if they are planning on splashing some cash, or making a contribution to your big day.

Tune in to learn:

  • how to decipher who pays for what for your wedding day.
  • learn how to navigate conversations with your parents regarding money.
  • how to graciously accept any contribution with a smile.
  • what to do if you have are receiving no financial assistance from family and what your options are.

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