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MMW 4: How to Ensure Your Wedding Day is the Best Day of Your Life


In today’s podcast Yvette’s extensive experience in event management really shines, giving you golden nuggets of advice that will ensure your wedding day is one you will never forget. So much time, money, and energy is put into ensuring your wedding day is planned to perfection, however, so often couples comment on how quickly their wedding day went. Listen in as Yvette shares her knowledge on the simple, yet important things you can do on your wedding day to ensure you and your partner have the day you have always dreamed of while carving out time to make memories with your new husband or wife, that will last forever.

Yvette explores:

  • Her tips on how to enjoy your wedding day and how to make sure you remember the day.
  • Simple things you can do to make room for big emotions on the day and create lasting memories.
  • Why you need an agenda, what needs to be included, and why this will make your day run smoother.
  • How pre-ordered food can be a game-changer and what times throughout your wedding day you need to have food and drink organised to ensure you and your bridal party are refreshed, well-fed, and relaxed.
  • What you can negotiate with your suppliers to ensure your day works best for you and your partner.
  • How to politely set boundaries with family and friends in the lead up to your wedding day to ensure you stay fresh and focused. 
  • How to navigate celebratory drinking and still have a great time.
  • Why it is vital to make time on your wedding day to spend with your partner and how to do this effectively. 

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