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What Made Our Wedding Day Epic and Celebrating our 200th Episode



In this landmark 200th episode of the Manage My Wedding podcast, our host, Yvette Sitters, takes a personal journey down the aisle. Join us as Yvette shares her unique wedding story, offering valuable insights and answering some of the most pressing questions about her own wedding experience.

Questions Answered:

1. How did you feel on your wedding day?

Yvette recounts her emotions on her special day, following a journey that included canceling her first engagement. Her feelings of excitement and nervousness made for a truly unforgettable day.

2. Was there anything on your wish list that you didn't get and regretted?

Discover how Yvette's wedding wish list evolved and why she had no regrets about not having everything she initially envisioned. Her advice is a must-hear for couples focused on what truly matters.

3. Are you happy you had a big bridal party?

Yvette reflects on her choice to have a large bridal party and how their presence contributed to a calm and enjoyable day.

4. Do you ever look back and regret all the money you spent?

Yvette addresses the age-old question of wedding budgets and whether she has any regrets about the money spent on her wedding. Her insights are a testament to the value of creating lasting memories.

To show appreciation to our dedicated listeners, Yvette is offering a free Name Change Checklist. This invaluable resource simplifies the post-wedding process. To claim your free checklist, simply email and mention "free name change checklist."

Don't miss this special episode as Yvette Sitters shares her wedding journey, offering practical advice and heartwarming stories. Enjoy this special 200th episode of the Manage My Wedding Podcast, and here's to managing the wedding of your dreams!


For stress-free wedding planning, access a complimentary lesson on "Defining Your Wedding Vision" from the Calm Bride Planner HERE. As you embark on your wedding planning journey, remember that your wedding should be as distinctive as your love story. Embrace the unconventional!

Define your wedding vision workshop. Yvette the wedding expert sitting leaning on a window smiling

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