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Is it rude to ask for money instead of a gift registry? MMW 74

Couples often ask me if it’s rude to ask for money instead of a gift registry or wedding presents. 

Tricky, isn’t it? Are we asking too much from our guests, by asking for cash instead of wedding gifts? Tacky? 

Friends, let’s get real for a second. Most of us are already living together or have our places when we marry. We have a lot of stuff. 

So, today I’m sharing my four options for guests and gifting:

  • gift registry ideas (and how to avoid opening four lovely toasters)

  • asking for money instead of a present

  • having a gift registry and a financial gift option

  • no gifts at all 

Times are changing. Financial gifts are very common these days, so go with the flow. Guests feel so much better when they know what you want. 

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Happy planning xxx


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