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Intimate I Do's: Planning An Elopement or Micro Wedding MMW 224



Elopements can fall into 3 different types of intimate weddings: actual elopements (we will explain later), micro weddings, and small weddings. Whether you're looking for the simplicity of an elopement, the intimacy of a micro wedding, or a more traditional yet manageable small wedding, there's a lot to consider. We'll help you understand the differences, the workload, the costs, and how to choose the best option for your special day.

Discussion Points:

  • Defining Each Type:

    • Elopements: Small and intimate, usually under 8 people, often just witnesses or immediate family.
    • Micro Weddings: Under 20 people, a bit larger but still intimate.
    • Small Weddings: Under 40 people, but often considered the same as micro weddings by venues and vendors.
  • Workload and Tasks:

    • Elopements: Less work but still requires planning for an officiant, venue, rings, attire, paperwork, and witnesses. Costs are lower but tasks still exist.
    • Micro Weddings: Slightly more work than elopements, with additional considerations like dietary requirements, RSVPs, and invitations. Costs remain relatively low.
    • Small Weddings: Often perceived as less work, but in reality, they require the same amount of planning as larger weddings. Aside from fewer RSVPs, all other tasks remain the same. Costs are less due to fewer guests but workload is the same.
  • Finding the Right Fit:

    • If you're busy and looking to save time, an elopement or micro wedding might be the better choice. Less hassle with venues and RSVPs, but still meaningful.

Key Considerations:

  • Private Spaces: Finding a private space for micro weddings can be challenging. You may end up booking a restaurant in a public area. Some places offer private spaces but may come with high costs and minimum spends. Plan ahead to find something that fits your budget and desire for privacy.
  • Family and Friend Dynamics: Deciding on an intimate wedding can bring family and friend drama. It's essential to decide what you can handle and, sometimes, eloping and informing everyone afterward can be a simpler solution.

Ultimately, choose what feels authentic and right for you and your partner. Whether it's an elopement, micro wedding, or small wedding, the key is to make a decision that aligns with your vision and circumstances. By understanding the workload and costs involved, you can plan your special day with calm and confidence, focusing on the love and commitment that your wedding day represents.


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