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Wedding Perfection: Yvette's Secrets to Successful Planning MMW 204



Welcome to another episode of the Manage My Wedding podcast, where we're dedicated to making your wedding planning journey a seamless and joyous experience. I'm Yvette Sitters, your host, bringing you invaluable insights from over 23 years in the wedding industry.


Episode Overview: In this episode, I'm sharing the secrets to successful wedding planning. These tried-and-true tips, backed by my extensive experience, will not only have your guests raving about your wedding but also ensure that you wake up the next day saying, "That was the best wedding ever!"

Key Wedding Components to Focus On:

  1. Food:

    • Explore why food is the first key component to focus on.
    • Learn how the right culinary experience leaves a lasting impression on your guests.
  2. Drinks:

    • Uncover the significance of having easily accessible, cold drinks for your guests.
    • Understand why beverage arrangements can make or break the guest experience.
  3. Entertainment:

    • Delve into the importance of music in creating the perfect wedding atmosphere.
    • Discover how the right entertainment can ensure everyone has the best night ever and never leave the dancefloor.
  4. Emotions:

    • Understand the role of emotions in creating unforgettable wedding memories.
    • Learn how to infuse emotion into key elements like vows, speeches, and the dance floor.

Defining Your Wedding Vision:

Following these key components, I guide you through the process of crafting your wedding vision. This critical step will help you define your perfect wedding, identify negotiables and non-negotiables, and ultimately save you time and money.

How to Access the Wedding Vision Workshop:

  • You will find the 10 minute video lesson HERE - this is the first lesson from our Calm Bride Planner Course. Available to watch for a limited time.
  • Download the accompanying workbook for a comprehensive guide.
  • Spend 10 minutes watching the Define Your Wedding Vision workshop.

Why Your Wedding Vision Matters:

A rock-solid wedding vision ensures that you wake up the day after your wedding, ecstatic that everything was perfect. It guides your decisions, helps you stay within budget, and guarantees you the wedding you truly desire.

Connect with Us: If you haven't already, join us on Instagram @managemywedding for more tips, engagement, and a supportive community.

Remember, your wedding is a unique expression of your love story. Focus on these key components, craft your wedding vision, and enjoy a stress-free and organised journey towards the wedding of your dreams.

Download the Wedding Vision Workbook


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