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Why You Need To Get Your Wedding Timings Done Now MMW 130



Have you started looking at your wedding timings yet? If not, I want to tell you to get cracking because leaving the schedule until towards the end has a huge knock on affect.

How does it affect your planning and the actual wedding day.

  • There are tasks you don't actually realise you need to do until you start to putting your timings together. If you leave it until too late you end up rushed and stressed.
  • You need to involve many vendors in the timings and get them all onboard and that can take time as they can be busy with other weddings and not get back to you. 
  • The venue can be extremely busy and if they don't get back to you it can hold you back with making decisions and completing other tasks.
  • You need the timings to finalise the MC Agenda and to advise anyone helping so they know the plans and what is expected from them.

Leaving these discussions and decisions until towards the end can really make you feel rushed and that in turn causes you to maybe not finalise things properly or to not follow-up something very important up.

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  • I’m giving you the wedding Date is 24 September

    Denisse Donoso
  • I’m gave yo

    Denisse Donoso
  • I’m gave you my wedding Date is 24 September

    Denisse Donoso

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