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How To Plan Your Wedding During The Holidays | Stay Calm And Enjoy The Silly Season MMW 107

Planning your wedding during the holiday season made simple. 

Christmas for many is a time to relax and celebrate with family and friends. But what if your wedding is coming up and you still have a bunch of tasks to tick off your to-do-list? Stress less as Yvette helps you to navigate wedding planning during the festive season with her tips and tricks and abundance of advice so you emerge from the holidays organised and rejuvenated for the year ahead. 

Tune in to learn:

  • how to decide if you need to keep planning during the silly season or if its best to take some time off.
  • how to navigate getting your planning done during this time of year when suppliers and vendors are either on holidays or busy with seasonal events.
  • what tasks you can tick off your to-do-list while everyone is on holidays.
  • how to make the most of the festive season and use this time to reconnect with your partner, family, and friends.

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