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MMW EPISODE 34: Everything Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know With Van Middleton



On today’s episode, Yvette welcomes a very special guest wedding photographer, Van Middleton. With his own unique, candid style capturing authentic wedding moments, Van shares his wealth of knowledge accumulated from his years of experience behind the lens capturing weddings. With valuable insights that only a wedding photographer would know, Van chats with Yvette about how to select the right photographer to capture your wedding day and what you can do to make sure your wedding photos exceed your expectations.

Yvette and Van explore:

  • Are engagement shoots really necessary?
  • How to go about the task of selecting the right photographer for your wedding.
  • The one thing you should never ask your chosen photographer to do.
  • Can a ‘shot list’ be a help or a hindrance for your photographer.
  • Advice on how to navigate wedding photography pricing and how to find a photographer that fits your budget.
  • Find out the ideal time to leave between your ceremony and reception for photos and what time of day you must put aside to spend with your photographer.
  • Discover Van’s number one tip for brides and grooms-to-be that will make you think about the attitude you bring to your wedding day. 

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