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The Simple Guide To Getting Your Hands On Every Snap From Your Special Day

I’m sure you’ve booked the best photographer and videographer your budget allows to capture the precious memories of your special day. But have you considered the photos your guests will capture? Often candid, sweet, and guaranteed to bring a big smile to your face, the snaps your guests take can often turn out to be some of your favourites. Problem is, how do you get your guests to send you their photos post-celebration? Sure, you can ask your guests individually to airdrop, email, post them on your social media, via Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber but there is a more strategic, and effective way to collate all the photos from your wedding day. 


Wedding Guests all sitting at the table raising their glasses to a toast

  1. The Hashtag. It is common practice for weddings to have their own hashtags and while this can be an easy way to have photos in one place it is not a fool safe option. Guests often miss-spell hashtags, especially after a glass of champagne, or completely forget to use it all together. I suggest using this option in conjunction with another option.
  2. The Facebook Group. A Facebook Group is an excellent planning resource for you to use to communicate with your guests in the lead-up to your wedding. Here you can advise guests of unforeseen changes due to weather, build excitement in the lead-up to the day, and politely ask for guests to share their photos with you.
  3. The Online Storage. You can create an account with an online storage like Dropbox or Google for your guests to upload their wedding pics to. All you need to do is share the link with your guests (in the Facebook Group or via email is great) and then your guests can easily upload their pics when they have a chance.
  4. The App. Be super prepared by utilising a photo app like WedShoots. Ask your guests to download the app before they arrive at your wedding and then they can upload images as the night goes on. You can even put a note with the app details on tables at your reception as a polite reminder. Even Dropbox and Google have apps now just for photo storage.

Bride and groom surrounded by guests looking up as rose petals fall on them

Don’t be embarrassed to gently remind guests of your chosen strategy to collate their images. I like the idea of adding a note in the invitation, having the MC remind guests at the reception, and even following up post-wedding. Your guests will understand this is important to you and be happy to add their contribution of happy snaps to your collection.

Once all the hard work is done and you have all your wedding pics in the one place you can then pick out your favourites to upload to an App. Then choose which photos  are to be framed and displayed for you to enjoy for many years to come. 

Happy Planning,

Yvette xx


Wedding Guests putting their glasses together and cheering

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