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Choosing your wedding venue | the “must ask” questions MMW 90

Everything you need to know to make choosing your wedding venue a breeze

The options are endless, right? With so many jaw dropping venues in dream worthy settings, how do you know which one is perfect for you? 

Choosing your wedding venue is an exciting part of your wedding planning (you’ve felt the thrills picturing your wedding, haven’t you?) and today I’m talking with Martha from the iconic Fins Plantation House on the Tweed Coast in Australia. Martha is a wedding specialist, having worked in some of the most beautiful venues in the world.  She’ll share her experiences and recommendations, and insider tips on how to make your venue selection enjoyable and stress free.

Listen in and learn:

  • What information you must have before you book your appointment to view the venue
  • What questions you must ask the venue to make sure your visions align (no surprises on the day). 

A stunning wedding venue is not about money, it’s about what is right for you and your partner, and these tips will ensure you choose a venue that fits you like a glove. 

Once you choose your venue, drop me a line on Instagram and let me know if the tips helped you along the way.  

You can find the beautiful Fins Planation House on Instagram and visit the website at

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