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MMW 32: Alcohol and Overnight Bags. Your Questions Answered.



On today’s podcast, Yvette answers two important questions from the Manage My Wedding community; how much alcohol to provide at your wedding and what to pack in your overnight bag. You are going to want to have a pen and paper ready before you start this episode as Yvette shares her vast knowledge gained from years organising weddings and events and travelling all over the world. From working out what alcohol to provide and how much to the ultimate wish list for your overnight bag, this episode is a must-listen for the organised bride and groom. 

Yvette explores:

  • What you need to consider when deciding how much alcohol to purchase for your wedding.
  • How to decide whether the drinks package at your venue is worth your while.
  • Spirits? Do you need to provide them or not?
  • Why a drinks calculator can be your saving grace.  
  • A guide to deciding what types of alcohol you do provide at your wedding.
  • A step-by-step itemised list of what you need to pack in your overnight bag for before the wedding and your wedding night.

If you have a question that you would love to ask Yvette please email and Yvette might just answer your question in an upcoming podcast.

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