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MMW 43: A Real-Life Surprise Wedding Story with Sam Collas



In today’s episode, Yvette chats with blogger Sam Collas, who shares her remarkable real-life wedding story, a surprise wedding. Listen in as Sam shares the details of her experience and gives us all a new perspective on how quickly all the essential wedding details can come together when they need to. Sure to instigate some tears, this particular episode pulls at the heartstrings as Sam reveals how exciting a surprise wedding can be, not only for your guests but for you as a couple and a family.

Yvette and Sam discuss:

  • the details of Sam’s surprise wedding on the Gold Coast.
  • Find out why Sam and her husband decided to have a surprise wedding.
  • How a surprise wedding can create a wedding bubble for you and your partner.
  • Find out about the backlash Sam received from having a surprise wedding.
  • Hear if anyone was offended by the surprise element of Sam’s wedding and how Sam and her husband dealt with this.
  • Discover what Sam loved about having a surprise wedding and what she would do differently if she could have her time again.
  • Hear Sam’s top wedding tip for having the wedding of your dreams.


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