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5 Things Your Bridesmaids Want You To Know MMW 97

Help Your Bridesmaids To Best Fulfil Their Important Role

Your bridesmaids will play a huge part in the successful role out of your wedding day. They are there to support you, to help you plan and organise your big day, and to celebrate and acknowledge this special milestone in your life.

But have you ever considered what it is that your bridesmaids want you to know? I’m talking about the things that often go unspoken, like how they would like you to consider their budget when selecting what shoes they need to buy or even to how they want you to be assertive when asking for their help. It’s these little acts of consideration that will ultimately enable planning with your bridesmaids to flow smoothly and in the process develop your relationships even further to ensure everyone feels supported and appreciated.

Tune in to learn the answers to:

  • How to talk about money with your bridesmaid and your expectations regarding what money they will spend to be your bridesmaids.
  • Why it’s important to consider your bridesmaids when selected their outfits for the day and how to incorporate them in the process.
  • Why its important to give your bridesmaids the option to speak at your wedding, not expect it.
  • How to communicate what you want for your pre-wedding celebrations to your bridesmaids.
  • How to ask for help from your bridesmaids.

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