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Your COVID Questions Answered | Navigating Planning During A Pandemic MMW 96

Simplify planning your wedding during a pandemic.

Organising a wedding in a global pandemic is no walk in the park. And unlike most other questions that come up while planning your big day, COVID-related questions can’t often be solved with a quick google search. These tough times are raising big questions, I know because many of you are jumping into my DM’s for solutions. Which is why I’ve compiled a special edition of the answers to COVID questions you have no-one else to answer for you. There are just four questions in this episode but they are biggies.You’re welcome.

Tune in to learn the answers to:

  • What wording do I use to tell my guests they must be vaccinated for our wedding day?
  • Is it ok to pick a mid-week date for our new rescheduled wedding date? I am worried our guests will feel inconvenienced.
  • When setting a new date for the wedding what do I need to move? How do I make sure I have covered everything
  • What fun ideas can you suggest we do on our post-poned wedding day?

Thank you to the bridal couples that submitted their COVID-related questions to me via Instagram. If you have a question that you would like me to answer, I would love to hear from you. Just send me a message via the Manage My Wedding Instagram.

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