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What You Shouldn't Do When Wedding Planning



Are you constantly being told what you should do for your wedding day?

Have you actually thought about what you shouldn't do during your wedding planning? Thought about the things that could cause you overwhelm or stress?

In this episode I am giving you 6 things you really should not do in the lead up to your wedding day and how these things can truly cause you some grief.

  1. Why you shouldn’t rush off and ask your bridal party to stand by your side
  2. What issues arise when you rush into making decisions
  3. Why constantly talking about your wedding will affect your relationships
  4. Keep surprises from the bridal party and your wedding guests so you don't spoil the fun
  5. Choose your venue or location before your wedding dress. Doing it the other way around can cause you to have to re-think your dress
  6. Don’t get hung up on other’s requests as sometimes you just have to let things go to avoid family issues


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