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MMW 51: Do You Really Need That? The Simple Guide to Reviewing Your Budget



In today’s episode, Yvette goes where no one planning a wedding wants to go - the wedding budget. Regardless of whether you are planning a small gathering or the party of the year, watching your budget like a hawk is one of the key factors of planning a stress-free and organised wedding.

Now, Yvette has talked budget before on the podcast but in this episode she gives her top tips for reviewing the budget throughout your planning. Yes, you need to review your budget more than once, actually Yvette recommends reviewing your budget every time you go to buy something for your wedding. Ask yourself, did I budget for this item? If not, what am I willing to sacrifice for this item? And the most important question, do you really need it? Listen in as Yvette simplifies one of the hardest elements in your wedding planning journey.

Yvette discusses:

  • What factors you need to consider when reviewing your wedding budget?
  • Why its vital to know what your outstanding amount at all times, especially before you spend more of your wedding budget.
  • The question that you need to ask yourself every time you go to spend a cent your wedding budget.
  • Her top tip for avoiding spending money on copious amounts of wedding items that you just don’t need.
  • How to learn to trust your gut instinct when spending your wedding budget and how to use this instinct to guide you and your partner to only spend money on things you both love and want for your wedding day.

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