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Weddings Are A Team Sport | With Camille From Unbridely MMW 152



Wedding planning isn't the easiest project for most bridal couples, but it certainly can be made much easier with those you surround yourself with for support.

Even more so, having professionals on hand like Camille Abbott from Unbridely, will truly ensure your day is everything you ever imaged and more.

Camille is a marriage celebrant who has just hit over 900 weddings, yes 900. Crazy amounts of experience. Camille is also a wedding podcaster and she has so much wisdom to share with you in this episode so make sure you have your pen and paper ready to take notes.

Camille and I discuss on this episode:

- What the catch phrase 'weddings are a team sport' exactly means and how you can use this advice to make your wedding planning more enjoyable and not feel like you are doing it all alone.

- How couples can find the right vendors.

- What the biggest pressure on bridal couples is today.

- The #1 wedding tip, get that pen ready.

If you have been looking for expert wedding advice then this is the episode for you.


You can DM and Follow Camille on Instagram @unbridely  


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  • Of all your guests this one is my favorite thus far!
    (Not about this episode: I’m listening to you on iTunes via my iPhone and your podcasts are out of order. It’s annoying. If that can be fixed it would be great.)


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