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Wedding venue coordination secrets for the perfect day Part 1 MMW 92

Wedding venue | Things to take the week before the wedding 

Done well, your wedding will be a dream. Done in a rush, you’ll be re-arranging on the day.

Imagine your mum was seated next to the revolving kitchen door and got whacked each time it opened because your seating plan wasn’t clear - ouch. I’ve seen it happen (and worse).

I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. I’m going to walk you through everything you need to take to your wedding venue the week of your wedding so they can set up as well as the vital information you need to give them in the final meeting before your - eeek - wedding.

There’s so much to cover on this topic I’m covering it in two podcasts, so be sure to listen to podcast 93 for Part 2.

Grab and pen and paper (if you don’t have the app) and get ready to make a list, and schedule a meeting with your venue for the week of your wedding, even if it’s months away.

PS: A word from the MC on seating plans. They’re a challenge, right? Enough to make eloping look tempting. 

To help you avoid any stress and make it as easy as possible I’ve created a Seating Plans Made Easy guide for you. It’s everything I’ve learned about successful seating and perfect placement in my 20 years in the events and wedding industry, as well as countless mediation sessions with couples who can’t agree.  You don’t need the hassle, be sure to subscribe to the podcast email for your early bird discount.   

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