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Wedding planning | dealing with pressure from family & friends MMW 88

Love ‘em to bits but the pressure from family & friends is getting me down.

“Your wedding is the most important time in your life and you deserve to feel supported and organised while planning the wedding of your dreams”.  

Hey, recognise the snazzy opener to the podcast I popped above? I put it there to remind you that you are planning your wedding and no one else’s.

I get messages every day from couples asking how to deal with well-meant and not so well-meant pressure from friends, family,  or bridal parties. Some people don’t realise they are causing you pain, anxiety, and sleepless nights while others are plain, mean. 

We can’t control how other people behave, speak or think, but we can control our response. It’s hard and can push you and your partner to the brink if the communication lines aren’t open wide.  

But this is your day and today we are going to unpack some of the ways to handle the pressure cooker of requests, suggestions,  and unrequested advice from just about everyone in the lead up to your wedding.

Breathe, stick to your goals and what’s true for you and your partner because you’ve made your decisions for good reasons.  

But don’t forget your manners, and never underestimate the power of listening and thanking people for their advice, welcome or not.  

Tip: keep this podcast handy, and listen again to stay grounded and happy. It’s my wedding woo woo. 

And remember, I’m only a DM on Instagram away.

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