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Wedding Planning Bliss: So Many Tasks in the Final Months MMW 202



Challenges often arise during the final months of wedding planning. As couples approach this critical stage, Yvette acknowledges the potential for overwhelming stress and shares practical tips to instill a sense of calm and control in the wedding preparation process.

Main Discussion Points:

Feeling Overwhelmed and Stressed:

  • Acknowledging the common sentiment of feeling overwhelmed in the final months.
  • Recognising the challenge of managing wedding planning alongside work and daily life.

Common Wedding Task Stresses:

  • Discussing specific pain points, such as the struggle with guest RSVPs and the resulting tasks and time commitments.
  • Emphasising the importance of staying on top of various tasks to avoid last-minute scrambling.

Dealing with Guest RSVPs:

  • Sharing strategies for chasing down RSVPs, setting deadlines, and communicating the urgency.
  • Highlighting the necessity of continuing with other essential tasks while waiting for RSVPs.

Importance of Detailed Task Lists:

  • The significance of having a detailed task list for the final months.
  • Breaking down examples of tasks and the smaller tasks within those larger tasks that we don't know about.

Addressing Anxiety and Nerves:

  • Acknowledging the anxiety and nerves that can accompany the approaching wedding day.
  • Offering reassurance and encouragement for brides going through this common experience.

Introducing the Stress-Free Countdown:

  • Introducing the Stress-Free Countdown, a 90-day wedding guide available for download HERE.
  • The guide's detailed task list, organised by the final three months, the last month, and the final week will have you staying organised and stess-free in those final months.

Tips for Staying Organised:

  • Recommending early preparation, avoiding fixation on a single task, and maintaining a proactive approach.
  • Encouraging brides to stay on top of planning and utilise tools like the 90-day wedding guide.

For couples currently immersed in wedding planning, this episode provides a wealth of practical advice and emotional support for brides. Tune in to gain valuable insights and ensure a stress-free and organised lead-up to the wedding of your dreams.

The stress-free countdown: Your Final 90-Day Wedding Guide


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