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Top 3 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning MMW 208



Whether you're taking your first steps or are well into the planning process, I share crucial tips to ensure your wedding planning remains a stress-free and organised experience.

3 Tips For Those Just Engaged

1. Defining Your Priorities:

  • Yvette emphasises the importance of establishing your wedding vision and setting a realistic budget from the start. Watch our Secrets To Successful Wedding Planning HERE!
  • Learn how having a crystal-clear vision can save you time, money, and ensure a wedding that reflects your dreams.

2. Setting a Realistic Budget:

  • Yvette explores the common pitfalls of budgeting and offers practical advice on setting a budget that aligns with your vision.
  • Listen to Episode 206 for a detailed guide on creating a budget that stands the test of your wedding planning journey.

3. Creating a Timeline:

  • Discover the benefits of creating a dedicated timeline for wedding planning tasks.
  • Yvette shares insights on staying ahead of the planning process and waking up on your wedding day stress-free and refreshed.

Tips for Mid-Planning:

1. Delegating Tasks:

  • Learn the art of delegation and why it's crucial for an enjoyable planning experience.
  • Yvette provides practical examples and encourages brides to use tools like the Manage My Wedding App for efficient task management.

2. Staying Organised:

  • Explore the significance of staying organised, with recommendations for tools like the Manage My Wedding App and the Calm Bride Planner.
  • Yvette stresses the role of organisation in reducing stress and ensuring a seamless planning process.

3. Managing Opinions Gracefully:

  • Navigate the challenge of handling opinions from family and friends with grace.
  • Yvette shares insights from Episode 143 and the Calm Bride Planner course on managing objections and maintaining harmonious relationships.


Planning your dream wedding doesn't have to be overwhelming. Armed with Yvette's 23 years of expertise, this episode has unveiled the keys to stress-free wedding planning. Whether you're at the starting line or well into the process, defining your priorities, setting a realistic budget, and creating a dedicated timeline are foundational steps for a seamless journey. As you progress, the wisdom of delegating tasks, staying organised with tools like the Manage My Wedding App, and gracefully managing opinions will keep your planning process easy and enjoyable.

Remember, your dream wedding is not only a celebration of love but an opportunity to create memories. Tune in weekly for more invaluable insights, and don't forget to visit to download the free app and set your wedding planning on the path to success. Happy planning!


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