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The Unexpected Trend: Pet-Infused Weddings with Pawfect Love MMW 194



If you are an animal lover then this episode is for you. 

Today, we have a special guest, Dani from Pawfect Love, a unique wedding vendor with a passion for pets and clay sculpting. Pawfect Love is not your typical wedding vendor; it's all about celebrating the love between couples and their pets. Dani, the artist behind Pawfect Love, specialises in creating custom pet cufflinks, cake toppers, and bouquet charms that allow pets to be a part of your big day, even if they can't attend in person.

The Growing Trend of Including Pets at Weddings

Yvette and Dani discuss the growing trend of including pets at weddings. Factors contributing to this trend include the importance of pets in our lives, the rise of pet chaperone services, and the impact of COVID-19 on pet adoption.

Challenges of Including Pets at Weddings

The discussion touches on challenges like venue restrictions and the suitability of pets for large gatherings. They also share stories of pets that have made unexpected and memorable appearances at weddings.

Pawfect Love's Unique Products

Dani introduces Pawfect Love's specialty wedding collection, including custom pet cufflinks, lifelike cake toppers, and sentimental bouquet charms. She explains how her handmade creations capture the personality and essence of each pet.

Meaningful Moments and Surprises

Dani shares heartwarming stories of couples who surprised their partners with Pawfect Love's creations, adding personal touches to their wedding day. These unique keepsakes serve as a lasting memory of both the wedding and beloved pets.

Dog cake topper at the base of a white wedding cake with cake on his face  Dog brochure on bouquet of flowers

#1 Wedding Tip

Dani emphasises the importance of prioritising what matters most to you as a couple when planning your wedding. She recommends discussing your individual priorities and aligning them to create a personalised and meaningful wedding experience.


To explore Pawfect Love's beautiful creations, visit their website at For adorable pet photos and updates, follow Pawfect Love on Instagram and Facebook at @pawfectloveau.

If you're planning your wedding and want to include your beloved pets or surprise your partner with a unique gift, reach out to Pawfect Love today to discuss your personalised creations.


Dog cake topper on top of a wedding cake with a sign around his neck saying i do and the wedding date  Groom putting his cufflink in and it's a clay mould of his dog


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