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Ways To Honour Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day MMW 171



Honouring loved ones on your wedding day can be something extremely important to you and others in your family.

But how do you do it without it taking away the happiness of your wedding day.

Acknowledging loved ones on your big day isn’t just for those who have passed but also for those who can’t make it or who might be ill or just can’t travel.

So here are some suggestions you might like to consider.

  1. A photo table that shows our loved ones who can’t be there. You could even make this more special by having a photo of their own wedding day. This works well if they haven’t passed yet because you are just showing their actual wedding day .
  2. Have someone in their speeches acknowledge those who can’t be there and talk about their impact on your life in a really beautiful loving way.
  3. You could have a locket with their photo on your bouquet. 
  4. Light candles during the ceremony for those who can’t be there with you.
  5. Have their favourite drink on offer at the bar with a photo of them.
  6. Play their favourite songs during the day or night.
  7. If someone can’t make it and you know they love cake have a flavour of their choice on the cake and then have someone take them a piece of cake after the wedding. Better still, when cutting the cake get the MC to tell the guests about the cake flavour and then play a song they loved. 
  8. Some people like to leave a seat for them with their jacket or scarf or a photo at the ceremony. 
  9. Include a note on the service booklets or the back of the menu.
  10. Have a moment of reflection or a minutes silence at the ceremony or the start of the speeches.
  11. Toast to them during the night or in the speeches.
  12. If they were known for something incorporate that. If they played darts have a dart board and a sign above it saying David’s Dart’s. Or a chess game with their old chess set and again a little sign.
  13. Instead of a favour donate to a charity that they loved or just pick a charity and and say it’s in honour of your loved ones who can’t be there today.

Not all of these suggestions suit everyone so it's important you find which is best for you and your special day.


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