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The Sentimental Guest Book Alternative | With Guest At The Beep MMW 156



Are you looking for a guest book alternative that will turn heads, get the guests excited and create memories for you for a lifetime?

I couldn't be more excited to share this week's podcast episode because I am personally obsessed with this wedding product and think every wedding needs one.

'At The Beep' is taking over the wedding industry right now and it's no wonder. At The Beep is an audio guest book that records your guests voices in real time and what could be more special than listening back to the fun your guests were having on the night. Or listening back to your Grandparents voices after they pass.

I am chatting with Steve from 'At The Beep' in this episode and we discuss:

- Why guest books can be left unfilled and how to actually engage your guests

- The most funniest and heartfelt messages left at weddings and you will even hear some

- What makes the most memorable weddings

- Steve's #1 wedding tip that will help you relax and enjoy the day


 You can find At The Beep at


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