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The Final Weeks: How To Get That Wedding Glow MMW 212



During my final weeks leading up to my own wedding, I struggled to concentrate at work, leading me to take the last week off – a decision I'm grateful for, as I had pretty much already mentally checked out. Fortunately, most of my guests didn't arrive until a couple of days before the wedding, being in Perth, and this delay proved to be a saving grace. Days off work were spent coordinating with vendors, packing my overnight bag, and ensuring everything was in order.

Being organised allowed me to spend quality time with loved ones upon their arrival, despite the busyness of the final three days, filled with dinners, lunches, spray tans, nails, rehearsals, and more.

What Exactly Gives You That Wedding Glow:

The wedding glow is more than a stunning gown or suit; it's how you present yourself. A face that reflects relaxation, love, and health is key. The impact of diet in the last couple of weeks, including sugar and alcohol consumption, cannot be ignored, as stress and fatigue are sure to show.

Sleep and organisation are essential to focus on your partner and exude genuine happiness, not exhaustion.

The "Stress-Free Countdown" Guide:

Having a roadmap for the final weeks and months is crucial. Introducing the "Final 90 Days Wedding Guide," offering a "Stress-Free Countdown." This guide is designed to provide a step-by-step plan, ensuring you stay on track, eliminate stress and anxiety, and enjoy restful nights, ultimately achieving that coveted wedding glow on the big day.

Practical Tips for Staying Calm:

Delegate tasks wisely, choosing those that won't cause stress if you don't have direct control over them. Enlist help to run errands and collect last-minute items. Create "white space" in your calendar for unexpected issues or needed attention, ensuring flexibility to manage stress effectively.

You wedding day is a momentous occasion which is meant to be cherished. A stress-free countdown is crucial, our guide will give you the enjoyable wedding planning experience you deserve. You can download it HERE.


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