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The 3 Game-Changing Wedding Reception Tips MMW 170



What you decide for your reception can make or break it and who doesn't want the best reception where everyone is on the dance floor all night and raving about your wedding for years to come.

In last week's episode we shared the top 3 tips for having a beautiful sentimental wedding ceremony and this week as promised we are following on with the reception top 3 tips.

  • Food and Music. We are letting you in on the secrets of how to get this right and how this is the most critical because it's pretty much all the guests actually care about and it's also what impacts the wedding the most. To the guests, there is nothing more on their minds than food and the music creates the atmosphere. You need to get these 2 right and we are telling you how.
  • Are you leaving enough time for dancing at the end? Have you got all your timings right so that you have about 2 hours of dancing time at the end. If the timings are all out and you don't get enough time to dance the night will feel like it was over before it started. These timings tips and advice will ensure your wedding feels like it flows smoothly and there is time for everything and more.
  • Get your guests seated properly. You don't want guests moaning that their feet hurt from standing all night or that they were bored out of their brain because of who you sat them next too. Getting the seating wrong can be a complete mood killer so make sure you actually follow through on these seating etiquette's.

Follow the expert advice in this episode along with the last episode and you are sure to have the best night of your life and hear your guests saying it was the best wedding ever for years to come. 


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