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The Top 3 Wedding Ceremony Tips


The top 3 wedding ceremony tips you need to make your wedding ceremony memorable and the best it can be.

When you are planning your ceremony there are lots of smaller details you need to plan to get everything organised. But, if you plan around these 3 top ceremony tips you are sure to have a perfect and memorable ceremony.

  • Ensure you make it your own so that it reflects your personality and you both shine with love and happiness. I will share exactly how you do that.
  • Don't cringe too much at this one but you must write your own vows. Yes, I said write your own vows. I know that can seem scary or hard but follow my advice and you can do it with ease and actually be so happy you did. It will turn your ceremony into a heartfelt love story that gives everyone goosebumps.
  • Have a rehearsal. Don't think you don't need a rehearsal. A rehearsal will help everyone understand how and what takes place and this can remove some nerves and help you feel more at ease on the day.

Get these 3 ceremony things right through the planning and you are sure to look back at your ceremony with tears of joy and a lifetime of beautiful memories.


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