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Secrets for Perfect Wedding Photos with Expert Alex Motta MMW 201




Every couple dreams of picture-perfect wedding photographs that capture the essence of their special day – natural, candid, and truly unforgettable. In this episode, we're joined by the expert wedding photographer, Alex Motta, who's here to unravel the secrets behind achieving those magical moments. Alex shares his invaluable advice to make your wedding an experience filled with beautiful, relaxed, and candid photos that you'll treasure forever.

We discuss:

Photography During the Ceremony:

Should guests be allowed to take photographs during the ceremony, and why? Alex provides insights into this often-debated question and offers guidance on achieving the perfect balance.

The Aisle Walk:

Why should couples slow down their aisle walk, and how can this savour the unforgettable moment?

The Confetti Throw:

Alex shares his love for the confetti throw and delves into the best type of confetti, the ideal timing, and how to make it a picture-perfect moment.

Ring Bearer Tips:

Discover a pro tip from Alex on how to ensure your ring bearer is prepared and poised to make the moment memorable.

Expert Ceremony Advice:

Alex imparts some of the most significant and valuable ceremony tips that will elevate your special day.

Bride and Groom walking back down the aisle with big smiles as confetti gets thrown on them       Bride and groom passionately kissing in a black and white photo

The First Look:

Alex gives his thoughts on the popular trend of the "first look" and offers his perspective on whether couples should consider this emotional and beautiful moment.

Capturing Favourite Moments:

Alex shares his personal favourite moment to photograph throughout the wedding day, and the story behind it.

The #1 Wedding Tip:

Invaluable advice on the number one wedding tip for couples wedding planning.

Don't miss this episode if you want to capture candid, beautiful moments that will turn your special day into cherished memories that you can look back on and smile at forever

You connect with Alex Motta, visit his website at and find him on Instagram @mottaweddings.

 Photograph of Alex Motta holding a mug on a balcony       Bride and Groom with the bridal party. All throwing their arms in the air smiling

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Stephanie Thomas Fitness - Bridal Body Fitness Coach

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