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Ceremony Details | What Do I Need To Organise MMW 151



What do I need to organise for my Wedding Ceremony?

You don’t need a big fancy elaborate space with crazy amounts of flowers and decorations if the budget doesn't allow it. 

Your guests are there to watch you get married. The moment they are waiting for is for you to walk down the aisle. They are sitting there in anticipation waiting for that big moment and the moment you arrive they don't look at anything else.

The Ceremony details are actually the most simplest part of the planning.

In this episode I will cover:

  1. What essential items you must organise for your ceremony. The things you really can't go without.
  2. The extra items that are really just wish list items and they are optional if your budget it tight.

You will realise after listening to this episode that the Ceremony is much more simple than you realise and this will help you get organised fast.

In the Calm Bride Planner we give you 20 suggested readings, vows prompts so you can put your vows together and all the small details you need to plan for your ceremony. You can check it out here.


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