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MMW 26: Part 2 of How To Plan Your Wedding Day Timeline



On today’s podcast, Yvette will walk you through cocktail parties and the Pre-Wedding lead up. From the moment you wake up on your wedding day until you walk down the aisle is just as important as the Wedding itself. Yvette will help you plan out the day so everyone feels relaxed and the day flows smoothly.

Yvette discusses:

  • Timings and options for cocktail receptions
  • Cocktail weddings verse sit-down weddings
  • What issues come with cocktail parties and how to get around them
  • How to decide what time your reception commences and concludes
  • Top tips for cocktail parties
  • Cocktail Party myths
  • Timings for during the day when you are getting ready for your wedding
  • Why you always wake early on your wedding day
  • Why exercise is important the day of your wedding
  • Which suppliers need to have input in your wedding day timings
  • What jobs can you give to your bridal party
  • What you need to make time for during the day


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