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My Top Five Favourite Wedding Tips | It’s Not What You Think MMW 101

Ensure Your Wedding Day Is The Best Day Ever.

In my line of work, I’ve had the privilege of planning, assisting, and attending countless weddings which as a result has given me a pretty good understanding of what makes a wedding exceptional. And I have a secret to share with you. Some weddings are just better than others. It’s true. 

With great weddings in mind, I have compiled my top five favourite wedding planning tips that I believe ensure the ‘best wedding ever’ status for your special day. 

Tune in to learn:

- the one thing you need to do with your partner on the day.

- what three things you should invest your money into when planning your special day.

- how effective planning can create time and space throughout your day for enjoyment and gratitude.

- how perspective can make or break how you remember your wedding.

- why you need a support team to pull off the wedding of your dreams. 

Your planning resources:

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  • Love this. Great tipS thanks so much

    Taryn Darroch

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