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Ideas For Unofficial Bridesmaids | When You Can't Have Them All MMW 155



Our Bridal Party are those who are closest to us and those who know us better than anyone else. But, sometimes we just can’t have them all stand beside us on our wedding day.

It is not that we don’t want them but more that we might want a small bridal party or sometimes family and friend politics makes us have no-one to avoid any issues.

Sometimes you might just have your sister and then have unofficial bridesmaids who are your best friends or all your cousins and you can include them in pre-wedding activities but they just don’t stand up beside you at the ceremony.

So in this episode I want to give you some ideas to include those who might be the ‘unofficial bridesmaid’ and this goes for groomsmen also. These ideas will help everyone feel loved and honoured to still have a lovely role in your big day.

Firstly, you might wish to give them a colour and ask them to pick their own dresses in that colour. That way you can still have photo’s with them and have a lifetime of memories in those photo’s with those closest to you.

Now, how can you include them.

  • You can ask them to have their hair and makeup done with you
  • Or stay the night prior with you
  • Even nails or spray tans the week of the wedding
  • They might help you get dressed and be in all of those photographs and then travel with you to the ceremony
  • They might walk down the aisle before you but sit down with all the other guests instead of at the front beside you
  • They could hold your bouquet during the ceremony and fix your veil and dress for the photo’s
  • They might then be the MC and this can be a job for more than one person
  • They could still plan your bachelorette party
  • If they have a special talent like singing or playing the violin they could do that for you


The other thing I have seen done is all the unofficial bridesmaids walk down the aisle together just before the music starts.

These are really just some ideas to really make those special friends or family feel included in your wedding day.

There are many more jobs they could do on the day that you would usually need to give to someone who is close to you. Such as:

  • A reading
  • Handing out service booklets 
  • Witness your signing
  • Collect family and friends for photographs
  • Usher guests around
  • Take the guest book around

So, don’t feel too worried that someone isn’t a bridesmaid or groomsmen. They will honestly just feel special and honoured enough to be involved in the day.

So decide what they will do and then ask them, discuss it with them and I’m sure they will be so happy. Plus, you still get to include them in your big day more than the other guests.

I hope this has helped those of you who felt worried someone would feel left out. Remember you can always come and talk to me on Instagram @mangemywedding


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