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Honeymoon Logistics | How To Book The Honeymoon Of Your Dreams MMW 106

Plan and book the honeymoon of your dreams.

As promised, Yvette’s husband James has made a return to The Manage My Wedding Podcast and this time he is talking all things honeymoons. James is a travel expert with years of experience working in the travel industry. Plus, he was also responsible for single-handedly booking his and Yvette’s epic honeymoon to the Maldives when they were married seven years ago. With his insider knowledge, James shares his tips for booking the honeymoon of your dreams.

Tune in to learn:

  • where the most popular honeymoon destinations are at the moment.
  • what to consider before booking your honeymoon in the current global environment.
  • how to best to book your honeymoon.
  • his top tips for ensuring your honeymoon is extra special.

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