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Feel Like You Are Getting ‘No help' With Wedding Planning MMW149



No One Is Helping Me Wedding Plan.

Your checklist looks like it will never end. And there is no help.

Sometimes others won’t help as they too have a-lot on. Or they don’t think you want it. Sometimes they just need to be asked.

You have to delegate. That is key. You have to decide what tasks you don’t mind handing over and getting help on. It's good to work out other's skills and pass that task to them.

In this episode I will give you some quick suggestions for what tasks you can pass over to:
1. Your Partner
2. Your Parents
3. Your Bridesmaids
4. Your Groomsmen

If you feel like you don’t want to ask anyone to help, struggle to let go or just really can’t rely on others to help you but you don’t want to plan alone please come and join me in the Calm Bride Planner where I will guide you every step of the way and help you save hours of time and make quick decisions. You also have access to me in the FB group to ask any questions any time and the other brides will also help you. You can watch my FREE Wedding Workshop to learn more about the Calm Bride Planner.

One-on-one sessions with me privately can also be purchased here.

But for now, get started with the MMW App ‘to do’ list and see what tasks in that list you can hand over to someone else.


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