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Enjoy The Wedding Planning Journey | With Guest Amanda Scarpim MMW 150



How to plan a destination wedding, with a mix of a little bit of stress and enjoyment but then reflect back saying it was perfect.

Imagine planning your wedding in Italy but you live in Zurich and your hometown is in Brazil. Now that is some serious logistics and extensive planning.

Amanda did exactly that and we were so happy to be a part of her wedding journey.

In this episode we talk with Amanda about:
- where and when Amanda and Antonio got married
- How they managed to organise everything when they didn't live in the area
- What they did to create a bond between families and friends who had never met
- What their best memories of the wedding are
- If there anything they would change
- What is their #1 wedding tip for those planning now

Amanda talks about how at the start it was extremely stressful but how quickly she realised it was so important to enjoy the planning in the lead up to the big day.

Amanda realised it was so important that the wedding was everything Antonio and her wanted, and not what anyone else wanted.

If you would like to take a look at Amanda and Antonio's wedding photo's you can check them out on Amanda's Instagram @amandascarpim


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