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Could You Plan Your Wedding In Six Days? | Listen In And Learn From A Bride Who Did MMW 104

A new perspective on planning your wedding day.

If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed then planning the wedding of your dreams then this is the episode for you. Listen in as Rachel tells us all about her wonderful wedding story. Of the plans and dreams she shared with her partner for their perfect day and how they decided to change it all and hold their wedding the following weekend - in just six days time. Perfect for gaining some much-needed perspective throughout the wedding planning journey, there is something for each of us to take away from this inspiring story.

 Tune in to learn:

  • how Rachel prioritised the tasks that needed to be completed and learnt to be decisive.
  • what Rachel took away from the experience of planning her wedding in six days.

Your planning resources:

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  • Hey Yvette! My dad and I are sitting here listening. He said I can never get married 😂🥲 – Keeley and Chris

    Keeley Hurst

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